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Delete, Update or Receive Your Data

› Deleting, updating or receiving the information we hold about you on Gambino Poker

You can receive a copy of the information we hold, delete your account or correct / update data held by Social Applications Ltd in Gambino Poker.

Social Applications Ltd collects and processes personal data about you on the Gambino Poker game as described on our Privacy pages linked below this form.  We also allow our players to submit privacy requests with respect to how we process personal data. Please use the form below to submit any privacy request you have:

User Data Deletion Request

Select Your Reason From The Dropdown Box Below:

Please provide the name and email associated with the account so we can access your data

Thanks for submitting! Once processed we will confirm via the email provided.

Gambino Poker want you to feel secure and confident when you play our game.

Our Privacy Policy is available both as a .pdf and online. 

If there is anything you need to know, want to change or delete, simply complete the form above and submit.  We will ensure this is done and confirm via email after being processed.  It is important that you are clear in your instruction to us so this is not misunderstood or confused. 

Thank you,

Gambino Poker.  
Social Applications Ltd

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