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How to Win

" Poker... Takes minutes to learn but a lifetime to master "

It's very quick to learn poker gameplay when you simply sit at a table and keep your eye on the prompts.  Our 'How to Play' page, linked below will also help.  Within minutes you'll feel like you know what you're doing - but beware, it's all about bluffing at the right time and not bluffing all the time.  It's about being confident when you have a good hand but not letting everyone know - unless that is, you are pretending to bluff... get it?  No... of course you don't at first and that's the fun part.   Your style will evolve with your gameplay.  The most important first thing to grasp is the understanding of who has the best hand and it's very easy online to miss why you lost a hand.  Here's a quick checklist of hands from best to worst... all can be winning hands... you just need to be the last man (or woman) standing or hold the best 5 cards.   Poker is exciting and we think it's the best card game evr created.

Two other pages to read are:

Poker Etiquette on Gambino - very important so always be a gentleman or lady

How to Play Poker - if you're struggling to grasp the basics this page will help you.


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