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All the anti-virus and pop-up safety software programmes in the world will not secure you from Hacking, Hackers, Rip-offs and Scamming – why? Because in contrast to viruses and Trojans, most of this activity is particularly geared in the direction of a particular objective, and it is managed by people rather than just machines. So, although software programmes may be involved, it is the people that you have to be made aware of – behind each and every unfavorable activity regarding chips is a individual, or something that you have carried out that left you open to being hacked.

Most people are now aware that this happens but don't necessarily know that they may be doing something quite careless by clicking on an email link, not reading things before they click Yes on something that pops up and the list of possibilities is endless.  But rest assured that if you are aware of how to keep yourself safe from hackers, the chances are, you will.  

We want to try to help you with a few tips that will help to keep you safe with a few Do's and Don'ts...

DO: •

  • Enjoy your poker

  • Chat at the tables about something you like besides personal info

  • Meet new people, have fun, make in-game friends that you look forward to seeing again

  • Play any time of the day or night without concern – assuming you have read and recognized the ‘Don’t’ Checklist beneath

  • Protect your chips by reading the Don't's list below

Don't: -

  • DO NOT Make friends with anybody you do not know

  • DO NOT Setup / use MSN, Skype, Messenger etc on request from a Facebook buddy or someone you do not know

  • DO NOT Make a poker buddy a Facebook friend

  • BEWARE: Buddies are people that you ‘connect’ with personally and like to play poker with. They are not personal friends. Its fantastic to see them at the table – but you do not know them, so maintain them as just that – poker buddies, no more, and you maintain the safety of your chips

  • DO NOT Click on a hyperlink of any type : Hackers (thieves) can enter your passwords/ accounts if you click on a trick hyperlink. See beneath.

  • DO NOT Insert your password anywhere besides your normal Facebook login direct from your usual login routine. If uncertain, go to Google, search (e.g. Facebook) and login via the official page only. Checking that the URL is always

  • DO NOT click links in emails that you are not expecting at that very moment.

  • DO NOT download apps that declare to improve your game. These silly claims are designed to hack accounts, steal info – absolutely nothing more. BEWARE OF emails you receive via your Facebook inbox from people claiming to be Gambino or Facebook workers or reps supplying login hyperlinks and asking you to adhere to certain steps. This includes everything from saying you have been documented to bonus possibilities. The factors used to make you click are endless – if in doubt, delete and avoid... every time.

  • Gambino will never ask you to insert your password or send you a facebook login link - so if you receive one, delete the email immediately.

  • Gambino will never send you anything that will ask for your personal information

When you was a child did your parents inform you it was ok to talk to strangers? No!  Would you encourage your childreb to believe someone they met online might be okay to get in touch with outside of the game – No!  Of course not.  The exact same rules apply here.  So – Just be careful.  Most people are fine and not one bit interested in your date of birth or exactly where you live... people that con other people are often very nice because they are selling themselves to you in the hope you will connect outside the game or reply to an inbox or whatsapp them.  You don't have to be impolite, just ignore them and if they do contact you, report them (they won't know), and continue to ignore.  If you are wary of someone, block them on Facebook if they inbox you, you are able to right-click, report, block etc quite easily now.  

It seems distrust is the key.  It isn't, it's about not assuming links, pop-ups, emails and people are always 100% - and although most will be fine, that one that gets you is all that is needed.  Unless you expect something at that very moment because (for example) you have just asked to reset your password on a particular website, then proceed with the utmost caution.  Same for people.  Facebook friends are personal friends and game friends are strangers... they may seem lovely, but you don't know them. 

Hackers come in many guises. Often they will be a attractive young lady and turn out to be friendly with a susceptible male on a table. Social manipulation is very common indeed. You will buddy up, then they ask to be your friends and when your least expecting it a hyperlink comes into your Inbox and voilà – work carried out!

So the solution is the exact same as how does a robber on the road appear. Do all robbers stroll around in striped jumpers with masks over their eyes – no! If they did they’d by no means get anywhere – same applies online.

If you DO suspect you have been hacked, change all your passwords every day or two for a while - in general, apart from checking your privacy options on various social areas there is little else you can do.  

We should also add here that if poker chips or your account is hacked and stolen, we cannot help you.  You have lost your chips and if Facebook cannot help you get your account back, then you may have lost that also.    This is not as serious as other possible losses such as card details etc but it is very distressing if it happens so be aware and be careful.  Just enjoy your online games and keep relationships just in the game where they belong.


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